Jewelry Consignment

 There is a good reason to consign your fine jewelry rather than just sell it. Jewelry Consignment will net you more money for your quality items. The downside to consigning fine jewelry is that it takes some time to sell the items and receive payment. If you have jewelry to sell, like an estate collection from a family member or just fine jewelry items that have not been worn in years and are sitting in a safe or safety deposit box, consignment may be the right choice. Consignment is also a good option for a no longer desired wedding/engagement ring.

Why choose Consignment with Certified Jewelry?

There are likely a few online jewelry stores that will take in select items on consignment; however, we are unique in that we have an internationally ranked website that specializes in selling pre-owned jewelry worldwide. Many styles may not be currently popular in your area and are unlikely to sell locally. Certified Jewelry effectively reaches National and International jewelry buyers as well as local customers who visit our Online Showroom.

Jewelry We Currently Consign

We are currently offering consignment services for diamond rings with a center stone weight of around two carats and larger and other jewelry items with large diamonds. Large and fine colored stone jewelry and rings valued at $5000-$10,000+ are great consignment candidates. Signed designer pieces, both modern and estate tend to sell well through our website also. We do not sell clarity enhanced diamonds. Diamonds that have been drilled, fracture filled or in any way clarity enhanced we cannot accept. Please contact us with any questions, most can be answered by phone, email or chat.

Consignment Process

Please email us whatever details you have about the item(s) including pictures and any paperwork available. Based on the information provided, we can try to give a rough estimate and provide you with an insured shipping label to send the item(s) to us for actual appraisal and determine the final net price. We must keep all items we offer for sale here to market them on consignment. Once we receive the item(s), the appraisal process takes about a week to establish the current appraised value and the corresponding net price we will be offering. If agreeable, from that point any repairs, video, photography and listing to the website takes around a week.

Consignment Agreement Details

Consignment Terms: No minimum time requirements. No Fees. You retain full rights to the item(s) while in our possession and may request their return and cancel the agreement at any time. We ask up to 14 days to issue payment once a buyer is found. This time is to cover shipping, sizing, adjustments, repairs, or anything else that may take time. Each item is fully insured for loss at the agreed net consignment price while it is in our possession. 

What if after time my item hasn’t sold?

Our consignment agreements are not for a fixed time period. We will always prefer to keep marketing an item until it sells; however, we realize that the point to consignment is to actually sell the item. At any time you can cancel the agreement and have it returned to you and try a different venue. Another option to facilitate a sale faster is to try reducing the price and have the item featured on our Sale page. We normally recommend a price reduction of at least 20%, which means you agree to reduce your net price by that percent and we reduce the asking price by that same percentage.

Please contact us with any questions about our jewelry consignment process or policies.