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Jewelry collections at the 2014 New York Antique Jewelry and Watch Show

 jewelry collections at the 2014 New York Antique Jewelry and Watch ShowThe International Watch & Jewelry Guild for 2014 will be held on October 20th at the Crowne Plaza Chicago, Rosemont, IL. Over the past few years, the show has gained an impeccable reputation of being one the biggest gem, watch and fine jewelry shows in the country, with their  jewelry collections containing emerald diamond rings and the like, the event has already showcased in numerous places like Las Vegas, Houston, NYC & Orlando.

Attending the show is an experience in itself because it offers one the luxury of viewing extraordinary pieces at unbelievably affordable prices. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, or a simple watch/jewelry enthusiast, this show is a must for you. Sellers especially can make important business contacts via this show, seeing that it witnesses millions of people every year. The previous year, the IWJG recorded over 5500 members from 57 different countries, which officially made them the most active place for the exchange for buying, selling, acquiring and trading jewelry collections, precious gemstones and timepieces.

 jewelry collections at the 2014 New York Antique Jewelry and Watch ShowStarted off in the year 1985, the The International Watch & Jewelry Guild has till date managed to sponsor 12 trade show events in cities all across America, with last year’s show at Las Vegas being the largest show that it had witnessed. One would think that fine jewelry like emerald diamond rings would have been the most popular item, but surprisingly, it was the modern watches which were sold the most. The sales numbers of loose diamonds also saw an exceptional boost last year. The most interesting aspect of this show is perhaps the fact that it isn’t open to all and sundry. Members (with only 12-14 people being accepted per year) and first time guests are allowed, and despite this limitation on the invitation, the IWJG’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down. There are not many other shows that can boast of the presence of the likes of Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piquet, whose inventories are at full display at extremely competitive prices. The place is like a wonderland for jewelry enthusiasts and it’s no wonder that dealers from the world over set up booths to trade at this show.

So there you have it. If you’re in Chicago and are even marginally interested in jewelry, make sure that you do not miss this event. Where else would you find precious gemstones, fine jewelry, coins, pens, stamps, watch pieces, vintage and antique jewelry, clocks and other such jewelry collections under one roof? What Disneyland is for children, The International Watch & Jewelry Guild is for those in the field of jewelry. Of course, the fact that you would actually get to meet and interact with pioneers and decision makers in the international jewelry market is simply the cherry on top of your cake. The show is of special help to retailers who are new to the world of jewelry because they can get helpful insights and first hand information which would be difficult to find elsewhere.


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