Jewelry is Wearable Wealth

In the ancient world, the line between jewelry and money was blurred. People wore jewelry as a way of carrying and protecting their wealth. A gold chain around your neck was often more secure than hiding gold in your home.

From the Aztecs to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, jewelry has been used as currency, inheritance, and investment — and still is today.

The difference between the ancients and ourselves is that now our relationship to jewelry is ever more complex. Today, we live in a globalized world where we can access the best gems and metals of every region and culture.

It is a thrilling time to invest in jewelry, and a time that comes with great responsibility.

                                             Invest in Your Personal Wealth — and Much More

I believe jewelry is a wise and rewarding investment for the modern collector. It is not paper, real estate, stocks or bonds, but it is a valuable — and fascinating — asset that many prefer over the volatility of other markets.

This type of investment goes beyond one’s personal wealth to impact future generations and the very health of our planet.

I believe precious gems and metals are a worthwhile investment, especially when you choose ethical, high quality sources and artisans.

Precious Gems and Metals Retain Their Value

While the value of currencies fluctuates constantly, quality gold, diamonds, and other materials stands the test of time.

Theoretically, your jewelry can be melted down, reset, and repurposed, and still retain its worth. Even with the global economic downturns of recent decades, the intrinsic value of a gemstone or gold heirloom has held fast.

While the gold trade has its ups and downs, gold has been our most dependable embodiment of wealth for thousands of years. In some countries today, it is still trusted more than the national currency.

Of course, not all jewelry is equal. The most valuable gems and metalsare of the highest purity and quality. They are also the most rare or unique, such as coveted Sea of Cortez pearls or the exceedingly rare Painite, valued at over $50k per carat.

Thankfully, you don’t need thousands of dollars to make a worthwhile investment in jewelry. You only need knowledge and time

                                                                             Why Jewelry is a Lasting Investment

Gemstones and jewelry have been intertwined with human culture for thousands of years. Whether we are wearing feathers and shells or rubies and gold, beautiful adornments have always held meaning and value.

Throughout history, jewelry serves as offering, trophy, amulet, and art. It symbolizes fertility, status, and love, and marks milestones, commitments, and lineage.

And, most practically, it is a means of holding and transferring wealth.

Trace the journey of an emerald ring, diamond tiara, or string of pearls, and you will trace the flow of wealth and power across space and time.